Airbag Related Eye Injuries

Airbag Related Eye Injuries

Posted at Jan 01 2017 in Eye Injuries

As more research is made available, the professional eye doctors at Big Bend Family Eye Care know that serious eye injuries with children may result from automotive air bag deployment. Most states have their on version of laws pertaining to children riding shotgun, but most require that infants and children should travel in the rear seat of automobiles to minimize their risk of injury.

Medical records of children injured by air bags indicate serious ocular (eye) injuries in children may occur. Long-term damage is not usually present with these injuries.

“Serious injury can occur if you place the child’s seat too close to the air bag when it deploys.”

If children must sit in a seat with an air bag, please make sure it’s rear facing.

Other Consequences to Airbag Deployments

There can be very dangerous consequences to these injuries. This type of trauma can open the door for cataracts and glaucoma. Injuries that can also occur:

  • Blood in the Eye;
  • Alkali Burn;
  • Unconsciousness;
  • Loss of Vision;
  • Eye Damage;
  • Eyelid Cuts;
  • Black Eyes.


Whether it’s you or your children, please make sure there is proper distance between you and your airbag. Accidents can already be nasty enough just due to vehicle damage. Let’s make sure there are no other unnecessary injuries! Should you ever be in an accident that involves an eye injury, chances are you will need to see your Tallahassee Optometrist for follow up. Come see us, Tallahassee’s most trusted eye care professional.

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