Comprehensive Eye Exams

Why are comprehensive eye exams so important?

Comprehensive eye exams are an important part of your overall health. Just like with any other form of medical checkup, it is important to get them regularly in order to detect and identify any issues early before they have the chance to develop into something more serious or cause permanent damage. During a comprehensive eye exam, the specialists at Big Bend Family Eye Care will not only check your vision and determine what kind of prescription, if any, is needed, but they will also check for eye diseases or any indicators of other diseases, as well as observing how your eyes function together in unison.

What does the eye exam consist of?

A regular comprehensive eye exam consists of a number of different tests and procedures to evaluate the health of your eyes and vision. These tests include simple eye chart readings and get more complex with several different sophisticated diagnostic instruments. The eye is the only place in the body where blood vessels and nerves can be observed directly without the need for surgery, and as such, a test using a biomicroscope and indirect ophthalmoscope, coupled with a high-powered lens will allow the specialists at Big Bend Family Eye Care to directly examine the health of tissues inside your eyes and detect any potential eye problems.

How often should you get an eye exam?

It is recommended that people have a comprehensive eye exam performed at least every one or two years, and maybe more often depending on age, risk factors, and physical condition. Schedule your comprehensive eye exam today at Tallahassee’s Big Bend Family Eye Care today.

If you haven’t had your annual comprehensive eye exam this year, call the professional optometrists at Big Bend Family Eye Care today at (850) 999-6926 to schedule an appointment.