Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses

Posted at Sep 05 2015 in Blog, Sunglasses

Wearing Polarized Sunglasses When Fishing in Tallahassee

Tallahassee Eye Doctor, Polorized SunglassesHere in Tallahassee, we have our fair share of amazing lakes full of all types of fish. We have to remember that Florida is called the “Sunshine State” for a reason. Big Bend Family Eye Care – Tallahassee’s Optometrist – knows just how imperative it is that you protect your eyes from the sun. Polarized sunglasses are your best bet to reeling in the big one.

Concerns While Fishing

Those of us who enjoy fishing need to take extra precaution. Just a short time on the water can be very dangerous to our eyes. Not only do we have to worry about UV rays from the sun, but when you add the reflection of the sun off of the water, fishermen are at even more risk.

Polarized Lenses in Tallahassee

When you’re on the water trying to land that record bass, wearing sunglasses can help. Wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses really helps. Polarized lenses don’t only protect your eyes; they give you a far greater visibility into the water. For fishermen, this can be crucial. There are many kinds of polarized lenses out there, but if you want the best, look at the Costa Del Mar 580 lenses. According to Costa Del Mar, the 580 lens removes yellow light, which is the cause of poor on water vision. It raises the red, blues and greens giving you sharper contrast, purer vision, and in the end, more fish. Not to mention, the sunglasses look good.

Big Bend Family Eye Care carries an entire line of sunglasses for you to choose from. We can even order polarized lenses with your prescription to make your sunglasses customized to your eyes! Come in and see us to get some of the best sunglasses for your next fishing trip. Be safe, enjoy the water, and get out there and catch some fish!

If you’re in need of Polarized Sunglasses, come and see our huge selection at Big Bend Family Eye Care today. Call us with any questions or contact us here.