Glaucoma In Tallahassee

Glaucoma In Tallahassee

Posted at Jul 03 2018 in Glaucoma

Dr. Tiffany Malone and her staff at Big Bend Family Eye Care knows how important glaucoma testing can be. Glaucoma usually refers to a group of eye ailments that lead to the damage of the optic nerve of the eye which may ultimately result in vision loss and even blindness. However, when you are able to detect the condition early enough, you can protect your eyes against excessive vision loss. Nevertheless, about 10% of those who are under glaucoma treatment still suffer from vision loss. It is important to note that glaucoma currently has no treatment and any vision lost cannot be regained.

Eye pressure has been said to be a huge risk factor for the damage of optic nerves. Open angle glaucoma is the result of eye-pressure related optic nerve damage and this underscores the importance of having a normal fluid flow throughout the eye.

It is difficult to determine if glaucoma is advancing in you. With open angle glaucoma, there are virtually no symptoms when the condition is just starting off. Many people notice that they have problems with their eye sight when there has been an intensive loss of vision. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that up to 2.2 million people may be having glaucoma in the US but only half of them are aware of it.

“In the USA alone, about 120,000 people are blind as a result of glaucoma.”

Glaucoma is second after cataracts when rating the leading causes of blindness. In the USA alone, about 120,000 people are blind as a result of glaucoma. The problem is six times more pronounced in African Americans than Caucasians. The problem accounts for 19% of blindness cases in African Americans compared to 6% in Caucasians.

Diagnosis of Glaucoma in Tallahassee

Tallahassee glaucoma detection usually involves an in-depth dilated eye exam. You may be put through a visual acuity test to determine how well you can see at varied distances. A visual field test is also necessary as it helps the professional notice whether or not you have lost side vision; a huge glaucoma symptom.

A dilated eye exam focuses on the optic nerve as well as the retina, checking them for any signs of eye disease. Since some drops are placed into your eye before the exam, you may have blurred vision for some hours.

Tallahassee Glaucoma Treatment

While it is not possible to reverse the effects of already lost vision, treatment at the early stages of the disease can delay its progression.

Medicines, laser trabeculoplasty as well surgery are all treatment approaches when dealing with glaucoma in Tallahassee. Medicines may be in the form of pills or eye drops which reduce the pressure in the eye or even reduce formation of fluids by the eye.

For the best Tallahassee glaucoma treatment, ensure that you let your doctor know other medicines which you may be using.

With laser trabeculoplasty, excessive eye fluids which cause a build-up of pressure within the eye are drained out.

Surgical treatment of glaucoma also focuses on creating openings for these fluids to be drained out.

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