Eye Issues

Eye Issues

Posted at Apr 01 2017 in Eye Issues

It seems that one aspect of health gets left out of the modern health craze lately, but is just as, if not more, important as any other aspect of our health as we go through life: Caring for our eyes and sight. Regular eye exams can reveal more about your health than just how good your vision is, and our eye care professionals at Big Bend Family Eye Care in Tallahassee are experts in identifying many of these lesser-known issues before they become something more serious.

For instance, did you know that having bug-eyes can be a common sign of a condition called Grave’s Disease, or exophthalmos as doctors call it, which is caused by an overactive thyroid? In addition to this bug-eyed look, people with Grave’s can often experience weight loss, rapid and irregular pulse, and nervousness. A comprehensive eye exam with one of our eye care professionals in Tallahassee is a good way to determine is bulging eyes are something benign or a more serious condition.

“Grave’s Disease, or exophthalmos as eye doctors call it, is caused by an overactive thyroid.”

Skin cancer affects ALL parts of your body – including your eyelids.

Skin Cancer and eye health aren’t normally associated with one another, but basal cell carcinomas can show up anywhere, including the eyelids, which is normally characterized by a sore that doesn’t heal and the loss of eyelashes. Although basal cell skin cancers aren’t normally fatal, they can cause blindness, severe disfigurement, and if they reach the brain through the eye socket, death. A comprehensive eye exam with one of our experts in Tallahassee is the best way to determine if a sore is just a sore or if it is something more serious.

Another condition that can seem benign but may carry more serious risks is one called Horner’s Syndrome. Horner’s is characterized by droopy eyelids and pupils of different sizes, which is normally associated with aneurysms and tumors in the neck, and can be difficult to detect by yourself. An eye exam with the eye care professionals at Big Bend Family Eye Care is great way to identify some of these difficult-to-detect issues early before they become more serious.

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