Eye Emergencies

Eye Emergencies

Posted at Sep 04 2018 in Eye Emergencies

The professional eye doctors at Big Bend Family Eye Care in Tallahassee understand that our vision is one of the most precious gifts given to us. Taking care of our eyes is very important to preserve our sight. However, eye injuries can occur because of various factors that we cannot control or predict. Eye injury from work has a higher risk of occurring if proper safety precaution is not taken. Some jobs where eye protection is necessary include welding, woodwork, grinding and cleaning – there is a risk of air-borne particles that can get into the eye. Eye emergency from yard work is another common example where there is a huge risk of grass particles getting into the eye. In some cases, eye injury from sports can also occur.

Proper eyewear can prevent most eye emergencies.

“In case of eye emergencies Gulf Breeze has doctors that can help diagnose and treat your vision.”

In case of eye emergencies Tallahassee has doctors that can help diagnose and treat your vision. These eye emergency doctors will ask you about your symptoms. Common problems include decreased vision, eye pain, itchy eyes, bruising, double vision, loss of total or partial vision in one or both eyes, bleeding and more. If you have any particles lodged in your eyes, the doctors from Tallahassee Eye Emergencies center will help take them out carefully ensuring that the damage is minimized. If there is any type of chemical injury, they will irrigate your eyes using clean water or saline (salt water). If there are cuts in the cornea, that could be an indication of more severe problems that can take longer to heal.

If you find yourself with an eye injury, call the eye doctors at Big Bend Family Eye Care immediately at (850) 999-6926 or contact us here.